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  • Vegetable Dicing Machine
    Vegetable Dicing Machine

    1.Specialized in cutting vegetable into dices, slices and strips. 2.Easy to operate, maintain and clean

  • Bowl Cutter
    Bowl Cutter

    Bowl cutter is used cut meat to a fine degree and to blend and mix ingredients into the meat.

  • Concession Food Trailer
    Concession Food Trailer

    Concession food trailer is polular type of various kinds of foodvending carts. Convenient and flexible,cost-effective price.

  • Capsule Filling Machine
    Capsule Filling Machine

    Handle various capsule sizes ranging from 00# to 4#,applicable to powders and granules.

  • Commercial Coffee Machine
    Commercial Coffee Machine

    This commercial coffee machine can meet different needs people needs with choice of both hot and cold coffee button.

  • Chilli Cutting Machine
    Chilli Cutting Machine

    1.Environmental protection, energy saving, high production efficiency. 2.It can cut the pepper into section, shred and circle, can also remove the pepper head and stem.

  • Peanut & Almond Kernel Chopping Machine
    Peanut & Almond Kernel Chopping Machine

    This machine is designed to cut and chop peanut & almond kernels into small granules. And it is widely used in bakery food processing.

  • Centrifugal Hydro Extractor
    Centrifugal Hydro Extractor

    The centrifugal hydro extractor is widely used for dewatering the surface water of washed fruit, vegetable, food as well as clothes, etc.

  • Fish Flesh Separator
    Fish Flesh Separator

    By extracting the fish flesh from the screening hole, this machine can achieve to separate the flesh from the fishbone, thus saving labour and time.

  • Automatic Noodle Making Machine
    Automatic Noodle Making Machine

    This automatic noodle making machine can make both wide noodles and round noodles with four different size.Suitable for hotels, restaurants and food processing unit.

  • Pet Food Extruder
    Pet Food Extruder

    This pet food extruder is also called wet type feed pellets extruder,equipped with a heating boiler which can provide gas continuously to fully cook the raw materials.

  • Chicken Feet Peeling Production Line
    <b>Chicken Feet Peeling Production Line</b>

    AMS chicken feet peeling production line is a professional and whole chicken feet peeling production line, easy to operate, high output.