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  • Gizzard Peeling Machine
    Gizzard Peeling Machine

    The gizzard peeling machine is used for peel the yellow skin of the chicken and duck gizzard,labor-saving and high efficiency.

  • Cookies Machine
    Cookies Machine

    The cookies machine is designed to produce many kinds of unique design snacks and cookies,by changing the mold,the raw material can be squeezed out and molded into different shapes of cookies.

  • Food & Vegetable Water-cooling Equipment
    Food & Vegetable Water-cooling Equipment

    Amisy food & vegetable rinsing machine is designed to water-cool and rinse the food and vegetables after blanching.It mainly used in the production line, the size can be customized.

  • Paste Grinding Machine
    Paste Grinding Machine

    1.Good sealing, stable performance, easy to operate and maintain 2.Widely usage, high production efficiency and long life service

  • Slush Machine
    Slush Machine

    1.Commercial refrigeration technology,full computer control system 2.It has temperature control system so it can make both snow slush and juice.

  • Paddy Separator Machine
    Paddy Separator Machine

    1.High purity, high yield,perfect process and easy operation. 2.Being strengthened transmission structure ensures the better mechanical performance

  • Pueraria Slicing Machine
    Pueraria Slicing Machine

    1. The cut out slices are of uniform thickness, smooth surface and no broken. 2.The thickness of the slices can be adjusted as you want.

  • Grains Huller Machine
    Grains Huller Machine

    1.Low energy consumption, high output and can separate the chaff and rice automatically 2.Low noise,light weight and high utilization rate of by-products

  • Jacketed Kettle
    Jacketed Kettle

    Jacketed kettle is used to cook and boil various foods,with the feature of resistant to corrosion and easy controlof heating temperature, widely used for food, candy, meat and chemical industry,etc.

  • Draft Beer Machine
    Draft Beer Machine

    1.Super large cooling water tank, good continued cooling and strong ability of out flowing liquor. 2.This product applies to high-grade bar, hotel, restaurant, home, cafeteria and other place of draft beer business.

  • Multifunctional Sesame Roasting Machine
    Multifunctional Sesame Roasting Machine

    The multifunctional sesame roasting machine is used to dry and roast sesame,mung beans and other small grains food.Fast heating, low energy consumption and health!

  • Fried Food Flavoring Machine
    Fried Food Flavoring Machine

    The seasoning machine is designed to mix and flavor all kinds of fried food,with the feature of flavoring evenly,automatic discharge,lownoise and high output.