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Countertop Sugarcane Juice Extractor
Model: Ams01
Capacity: 280kg/h
Power source: 370W
Dimensions 420*330*570mm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Make Full Use of Sugarcane
As we all know, sugarcane is the main raw material of granulated and powdered form sugar. While here we introduce another good use of sugarcane at a lower cost than refining the sugar, simply extracting juice. Sugarcane juice is rich in both carbohydrates and iron. Combine it with ice and lemon will create a refresh and tasty drink. So start a business with sugarcane juice extractor will bring you endless profit.
Countertop Sugarcane Juice Extractor Introduction

The countertop sugarcane juice extractor is the most durable machine in the market. It is widely used for extracting sugarcane juice in restaurants, fruit shop, soft drink stores, herbal tea shops, stations, supermarkets, etc. This sugarcane extractor is totally enclosed to avoid atmospheric dust and insects.
Countertop Sugarcane Juice Extractor Features

1. All-stainless steel construction, delicate design.
2. Built-in bagasse barrels ensuring no leakage of juice residue
3. Equipped with gearbox and shock mounts to reduce noise and vibration
4. Simple to operate
5. Easy to clean and maintain
Sugarcane Juice Machine Review
The most outstanding benefit of owning a juicer is to drink fresh juice at time. There are several types of sugarcane juicers on the market now, the sugarcane juice extractor ranges from several canes to hundreds of canes per hour and sugarcane machine price varies considerably. For the countertop sugarcane juice extactor, it is of electric design with 280kg/h fresh juice, so this machine can be used for both commercial use and home use.


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