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Orange Juice Extractor
Model: CZ-01
Capacity: 20Pcs/min
Power source: 220V/0.12Kw
Dimensions 400*300*780mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Orange Juice Extractor Introduction
This juice extractor is specially designed for making fresh orange juice. The orange juice extractor adopts squeezing way which can realize an automatic process of skinning, extracting and filtering. The produced juice has no seeds and no residue so that tastes very good.
Orange Juice Extracting Machine Features
1. The orange juice extracting machine has compact structure and delicate design.
2. Automatic feeding and juicing process, the extracting rate can be 40%.
3. The orange juice machine is made of stainless steel which is anti-corrosion and easy to clean and sanitary.
4. The whole juicing process can be finished in a very short time, the juice is originally nutrient and tasty.
Citrus Juice Extractor Application
Orange juice extracting machine is an ideal orange juice making machine, widely used in hotels, restaurants, small drink shops, fruit shop, restaurants, hotels, bars and other leisure venues.
Automatic Orange Juicer Review
There are various types of orange extractor available in the market today, while how to choose a suitable citrus juicer is important for us. First you should know clearly the daily production quantity about orange juice. If you press hundreds of oranges for commercial purpose, you should choose a juice extractor of high automation, while if you just make one or two glasses of fresh juice per day, a small delicate one is enough.
For this type orange juice maker is suitable for home use and small scale commercial use.
Testimonials from our customers of mini juice extractor
● A significant advantage of this orange juice said by one of our customers is that It is so interesting a thing to watch the oranges roll down to the feeder chute and pressed, then the juice flow from the other end.
● “The operating could’t be more simpler, press the button and then just wait for the juice come out”. Alice is so excited with our orange juice extractor
● “Stainless steel design catch my eyes first and it’s the main reason that I love it”. Many people choose to make fresh juice is just for hygiene and convenience, so the material quality takes a big difference.

● " While the main attracting point for me is definitely the price, so cost-effective one" Orange juicer prices present a large difference in different countries, many people choose China juice extractor supplier because of the high cost-effectiveness.
Orange Juicer Operating Instruction
First place the machine and connect power plug to a grounded power and turn on the power switch. Then, put the orange into the feeding mouth, the following is the juicing press. The juice will flow down from juice outlet and residue will spurt from the residue outlet.
Orange Juice Extracting Machine Market prospect
Orange juice extracting machine has fashion design, reasonable price and good quality. It also has a wide range of applications. With the concept of raising the level of food consumption, fresh squeezed juice will enjoy more popularity than the carbonated beverage drinks . So owning a juice extracting machine can not only enjoy fresh juice at any time but can start your own business.

citrus juice

freshly squezzed juice

orange juice

Orange Juice Extractor Parameters

Model Voltage Orange Diameter Capacity Weight Dimension
CZ-01 220V/0.12Kw 40-90mm 20Pcs/min 50Kg 400*300*780mm


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