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Grains Huller Machine
Model: NX-80
Capacity: 600-800Kg/h
Power source: 7.5-11Kw
Dimensions 1140×460 ×780mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Multi-function Grains Huller Machine Introduction
NX Series of multi-function grains huller machine is a new generation product designed on the base of N series of rice milling machine through extensive market research and opinions from customers. It is based on the superior performance of N series of rice milling machine, we improved some defects of use and operation and cut down both the weight and cost which makes it is more suitable for the current rural processing industry. Our multi-function huller machine can realize the function of rice hulling and rice milling to get the white rice from paddy.
Rice Huller Machine Highlights
Our NX Series of multi-function husker machine is not only has the advantage of the N series of rice milling machine such as:
1. Beautiful performance, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance
2. The finished product are bright and clean, with less chaff and low rice temperature
3. Low energy consumption, high output and can separate the chaff and rice automatically
It is also has its own highlight as following:
1. The concentricity must not be adjusted
2. The belts are apt to be exchanged
3. The weight is much less than that of N brand machine
4. It occupies much less area when it is installed
5. Low noise and high utilization rate of by-products
Grains Huller Machine Application
1. Multi-function huller machine is not only hulling rice, it can also hull many other grains such as soy bean, wheat, maize, pea, cowpea, sorghum and so on.
2. It is widely used in cities, farms, towns, and rural individual specialized households and grain supply center and other food processing plants, and also can be used for flow processing plants in rural areas.
How to Get the White Rice with Sorghum Huller Machine?
The NX rice milling unit is a kind of comprehensive equipment. Paddy goes into the machine via vibrating screen and magnet unit to remove the stones and impurities, and then pass through the hulling room (remove the yellow husks), winnowing room, milling room(remove the brown chaff and get white rice) and blowing room in turn. The machine can complete all the processing works from paddy to white rice.
Amisy can also provide the complete set rice milling equipment, paddy separator machine for you, you can according to your need to choose.
Multi-function Huller Machine Technology Parameters

Model Power Capacity Main shaft velocity G.W N.W Package dimension
NX-80 7.5-11Kw 600-800Kg/h 800-900R/m 190Kg 140Kg 1140×460 ×780mm


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Product Name: Grains Huller Machine