Jacket Kettle For Nutritional Food Cooking-Efficient and Energy-saving
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Jacketed Kettle
Model: Refer to the detailed parameter list
Capacity: 50-1000L
Power source: Refer to the detailed parameter list
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Jacketed Kettle Description
Amisy jacketed kettle is designed to cook and boil various foods which enjoys great popularity in many industries such as restaurants and industrial kitchens. It has 2 kinds of heating means: by steam or electrical, we can add the agitator and cover according to your needs. Our jacketed kettle is the ideal equipment for food processing to improve the quality, shorten the time and improve the working condition.
Jacketed Kettle Features
1. All the materials in contact with food are made of stainless steel, has the feature of resistant to corrosion which is in accordance with GMP Standard.
2. Beautiful appearance, easy to install, convenient operation, safe and reliable
3. With large heating area, heating uniformity and high thermal efficiency
4. Liquid material boiling time is short, heating temperature is easy to control
Jacketed Kettle Constituent Part
Generally, the jacketed kettle consists of pot body and support legs, the pot body is a double-layer structure composed of inner and outer spherical body, interlayer is heating by steam or thermal oil. The detailed constituent part of Amisy jacketed kettle is boiler body, stir device, tilting system, worm wheel, worm rod and the boiler body can be rotated within 90degree.
Jacketed Kettle Application
1. It is widely used for candy, pharmacy, dairy products, wine, pastry, candied fruit, beverage, canned foods, sauced meat and other food processing
2. It is also used in large restaurants or dining room to cook soup, stew, boil congee, etc.
Jacketed Kettle Classification
1. Structure: Tilting Jacketed Kettle and Vertical Jacketed Kettle
2. Heating: Electric Heating Jacketed Kettle, Steam Heating Jacketed Kettle and Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle
3. Process Need: Jacketed Kettle with Agitating and Jacketed Kettle without Agitating
Jacketed Kettle Operation Caution
1. The use of vapor pressure, not a long time exceeds the rated working pressure.
2. During the use of steamer boiler, you should always pay attention to the change of steam pressure, with the inlet valve adjust
3. For tilting type and mixing type jacketed kettle, before each time to use, you'd better add the oil to all the rotating parts. We suggest you use cooked vegetable oil for the surface component of mixing type jacketed kettle; other places are used 30#--40# machine oil.
How to Maintain the Jacketed Kettle?
1. When the inlet pipe and outlet pipe joint leakage, if you choose to tighten the nut can't solve the problem, please add or replace the filler
2. Check the pressure gauge and safety valve regularly, if there is a fault, please replace and repair timely.
3. Anti-rust oil spalling, you should be timely brushing
4. When the outer pot after years of corrosion thinning to below 2mm, please stop using.
Jacketed Kettle Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Diameter & Depth Agitator

Electric Heating

Pipe Power

JCG50 50L 600×400mm 0.55Kw / 0.45 m²
JCG100 100L 700×450mm 0.55Kw 4Kw*3Pcs 0.58 m²
JCG200 200L 800×530mm 0.75Kw 6Kw*3Pcs 1.12 m²
JCG300 300L 900×530mm 1.1Kw / 1.42 m²
JCG400 400L 1000×680mm 1.1Kw / 1.75 m²
JCG500 500L 1100×730mm 1.5Kw / 2.00 m²
JCG600 600L 1200×780mm 1.5Kw 8Kw *3Pcs 2.30 m²
JCG800 800L 1300×830mm 2.2Kw / 3.20 m²
JCG1000 1000L 1400×900mm 2.2Kw / 4.00m²


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