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Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine
Model: AMS-RO-400
Capacity: 200KG/24H
Power source: 220V/50Hz/350w
Dimensions 800*700*2000mm
Guarantee: 1 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Introduction of the Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine
The RO water vending machine is like a mini self-service supermarkets, is a full automatic machine which set automatic production and sales of high quality drinking water for the whole. just connected to water and power supply, through its internal high technology purification device--the space reverse osmosis membrane and sterilization system, that can purify any sources of water into healthy water in line with the national drinking water standard, customers bring their own containers, by coin or credit card to buffet the water. It is widely used in the markets, institutions, schools, community, convenience stores and many other places.
Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine Characteristic
1. Exterior features
1) Stainless steel vending compartment and folding gallon shelf.
2) Front door open design, waterproof steel cabinet, convenient and safety.
3) Module design, easy to install and maintain.
4) Customize signage, suitable for advertisement requirements.
2. Water treatment features
1) First-class RO purification technology, water quality meets the national standards.
2) 8-stage filtration, 24 hours of uninterrupted UV disinfection to guarantee the water quality.
3) Closed filling compartment, high concentration ozone sterilization, clean and health.
4) Convenient to maintain and replace the filters.
3. Vending features
1) Coin-operated, induction IC card.
2) Digital water vending counter, coin and card counting independently.
3) LED display broad, timing automatic lighting at night.
4) Delivery pump flow rate: 12L per minute.
Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine Market Analysis
This water vending machine is portable water purification, is a complete unit of production of drinking water depth treatment. The most simple manufacturing, sales model, without experience you can achieve your automatic water vending machine business.
1. Low investment, without shop, you can easily make your own boss.
2. Quick returns, high profit, low risk, stable customer.
3. Easy operation, just keep the water vending machine health and regularly take money, no need to take you too much energy.
4. Shift management, if the revenue is not good in one place, you can shift operation at any time, almost no losses.
5. Exclusive: once you select an area first to put water vending machine and operated by unified model, the newcomers are difficult to gain a foothold.
6.Extensive adaptation places: covers small area, can be placed in residential, office, canteen, community, village, school, hospital, waiting room, densely populated areas and water quality polluted areas, etc.
7. High quality, fresh, inexpensive water, strong market competitiveness which is bottled water is hard to compete.

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