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Manual Bottle Filling Machine
Model: Refer to the detailed parameter list
Capacity: Refer to the detailed parameter list
Power source:
Guarantee: 1 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Manual Bottle Filling Machine Introduction
This series filling machine is piston filling machine, self-suction filling material, driven by the cylinder piston extraction material enters the metering cylinder, again by pneumatic drive piston through the feeding tube into the container, filling volume is determined by adjusting the cylinder stroke. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, pesticides and special industries, is ideal equipment for filling high viscosity fluid.

manual bottle filling machine

Manual Bottle Filling Machine Features
1. Material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel, other metals are made of 304 stainless steel, conform to the requirements of the GMP.
2. Full pneumatic control, no power supply, high safety, ideal equipment for filling inflammable explosive materials.
3. Adopt the Taiwan Airtac pneumatic components, performance is stale and reliable.
4. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted at will, with high filling precision.
5. Single head or double heads for you, double heads filler can double the capacity of single head filler.
6. Reasonable design, small size, convenient operation, low failure rate.

manual liquid filling machine

Manual Bottle Filling Machine Application
1. Pneumatic liquid filling machine is suitable for filling viscosity liquid or ointment like sauce, jam, shampoo, lotion, perfume, edible oil, etc.
2. It can fill all kinds of containers such as bottles, cans, cups, etc.
3. Widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, oil, pesticide, and other special industries.
Warm Tips:
Please be attention to the clean and maintenance of the manual liquid filling machine, before clean the machine, you must check the compressed air is closed or not, if not closed, please close it. It is prohibited to use organic solvent to clean manual bottle filling machine, such as gasoline, benzene, xylene, sodium hypochlorite, etc.
Manual Bottle Filling Machine Technical Parameters
Model Filling range Air Consumption    Speed Speed Filling Accuracy
AMS-FM-6 6-60ML 9L/MIN 0-50 bottle/min 99%
AMS-FM-12 10-120ML 25 L/MIN 0-50 bottle/min 99%
AMS-FM-25 25-250ML 30 L/MIN 0-50 bottle/min 99%
AMS-FM-50 50-500ML 45 L/MIN 0-50 bottle/min 99%
AMS-FM-100 100-1000ML 120 L/MIN 0-50 bottle/min 99%
AMS-FM-200 200-2000ML 250 L/MIN 0-50 bottle/min 99%
AMS-FM-500 500-5000ML 428 L/MIN 0-50 bottle/min 99%


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Product Name: Manual Bottle Filling Machine