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Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment
Model: AMSJYT-3000L
Capacity: 3000L
Power source: 18kw
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Introduction of Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment
This kind of essential oil extraction equipment is made of good quality stainless steel, it can use water distillation or steam distillation method according to different materials, suitable for extracting oil from flowers, leaves, grass, fragrant plant and so on, Our large essential oil extraction equipment is popular in batch production of medicine, food, cosmetics, etc.
Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment Characteristic
1. Made of special double stainless steel distillation system, superior quality and long life service.
2. Classic process of essential oil extraction, combined with advanced automatic control system, high efficiency.
3. Adopt gas or electricity indirect heating method, ensure clean and safe working condition.
4. Vacuum low temperature distillation, can better recovery of volatile substances.
5. Equipped with multilayer distillation baskets, very convenient to place plants and clean equipment.
6. Reasonable structure design, superior performance, operation is simple and flexible.
Plant Essential Oil Extraction Equipment Classification
Plant essential oil extraction equipment is divided into experimental plant essential oil extraction equipment and production plant essential oil extraction equipment.
1. Laboratory equipment: distillation tank volume is 5-100 liters, this kind of essential oil extractor is very suitable for colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises and institutions of laboratory research and development department and individuals use.
2. Production equipment: distillation tank volume in 200-3000 liters of such equipment mainly used in aromatic, biological pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic enterprises for mass production.
Plants can be Extracted with Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment
1. Plant leaf and flower: rose, osmanthus, wild chrysanthemum, lavender, rosemary, wormwood, wintersweet, sophora flower, evenig primrose, mint, thyme, etc.
2. Plant roots: aloes, ginger, clove, etc.
3. Plant fruit: passion fruit, pepper, castor, star anise, grape seed, lemon, etc.
The Benefit of Essential Oil
1. Air purification and sterilization
2. Provide cell nutrition
3. Balance body and mind
4. Immune function
5. Has the characteristic of natural antiseptic
Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment Technical Data

Model Volume of distillation still Heat transfer area of condenser Volume of distillation basket Volume of distilled liquid storage tank Power of aqua astricta set Capacity
AMSJYT-3000L 1500L(two sets) ≥5㎡ 1000L 50L 18kw 3000L


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large plant essential oil extraction equipment

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