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  • Pet Food Extruder
    Pet Food Extruder

    This pet food extruder is also called wet type feed pellets extruder,equipped with a heating boiler which can provide gas continuously to fully cook the raw materials.

  • Air Drying Machine
    Air Drying Machine

    The air drying machine is used for cooling and drying the packaged food in short time,easy operation,high efficiency and low noise.

  • Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment
    Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment

    The complete set rice milling equipment consists of paddy separator, rice milling machine, rice huller,destoner, husk grinder,etc. Compact structure and complete function.

  • Paddy Separator Machine
    Paddy Separator Machine

    1.High purity, high yield,perfect process and easy operation. 2.Being strengthened transmission structure ensures the better mechanical performance

  • Jacketed Kettle
    Jacketed Kettle

    Jacketed kettle is used to cook and boil various foods,with the feature of resistant to corrosion and easy controlof heating temperature, widely used for food, candy, meat and chemical industry,etc.

  • Rice Washing Machine
    Rice Washing Machine

    The rice washing macine is ideal equipment for cleaning various granule food such as rice,bean,wheat,etc.Widely used in food processing plant.

  • Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine
    Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Machine

    The RO water vending machine is an intelligent equipment with the function of automatic making machine, the whole sterilization, automatic measuring, automatic selling water.

  • Small Essential Oil Extraction Machine
    <b>Small Essential Oil Extraction Machine</b>

    The plant essential oil extraction machine adopts steam distillation method to extract kinds of plants,widely usedin small scale industries of traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics, biological,food etc.

  • Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment
    Large Essential Oil Extraction Equipment

    The large essential oil extraction equipment is designed to extract plant essential oil in mass production,advanced technology,special design and high yield.

  • Screw Oil Press
    Screw Oil Press

    The screw oil press is featured with high efficiency and high oil yield, applicable to press rapeseeds, cotton seeds, soy beans, peanuts and sesame. Ideal for both personal and small business use.

  • Automatic Screw Oil Press
    Automatic Screw Oil Press

    Automatic screw oil press can squeeze and filter oil at the same time. It is of compact structure, convenient operation and technical design.

  • Fish Meal Production Plant
    Fish Meal Production Plant

    We supply complete fish meal production line for industrial use to produce high-quality fish powder with high capacity.

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