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Paddy Separator Machine
Model: Refer to the detailed parameter list
Capacity: 1000-5000kg/h
Power source: 0.75kw/1.5kw/2.2kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Paddy Separator Machine Description
MGCZ series gravity paddy separator machine is designed to separate the paddy and pure brown rice from the mixture of them; it has strong adaptability to the varieties of seriously mixed materials. With high purity, high yield, stable performance, the China paddy separator machine is perfect processing equipment for rice mill plant.
Paddy Separator Machine Characteristics
1. Reasonable structure, perfect process and easy operation.
2. High position sieve plate to reduce clogging
3. Being strengthened transmission structure ensures the better mechanical performance
4. Unique speed adjuster and material separating device makes the technological performance be more stable
5. Low mechanical barycenter, good balance, reasonable rotation ensures reliable processing property
Paddy Separator Machine Application
It has good applicability for long grain and short grain, stable processing property. Amisy can provide thecomplete set rice milling equipment for you.
Paddy Separator Machine Working Process
The paddy separator machine adopts the different bulk densities between paddy and brown rice, by dint of reciprocating movement of sieves, the mixture of paddy and brown rice produces automatic grading gradually. The heavy and small size brown rice is sinking, and by the transport function of bidirectional inclined convex point separation plate to make the brown rice inclined to move up the above separating plate outflow; at the same time, the light and big size paddy floating in the brown rice upper inclined to fall below the separating plate outflow, so as to achieve the result of separating out the brown rice from the paddy.
Warm Tips
1. Amisy MGCZ series gravity paddy separator machine is professional paddy separator for rice processing, it can improve whole rice output greatly, also improve economic enormously, it is a good choice for the customers.
2. Please see the following technical parameters first and choose the suitable one according to your production capacity.
Paddy Separator Machine Technology Parameters

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
MGCZ 80×5 1000kg/h 0.75kw 300kg 1100*1120*1370mm
MGCZ 100×6 2000kg/h 1.5kw 450kg 1600*1330*1560mm
MGCZ 100×8 2600kg/h 1.5kw 550kg 1600*1330*1620mm
MGCZ 100×10 3000kg/h 1.5kw 650kg 1600*1330*1660mm
MGCZ 100×12 3800kg/h 1.5kw 700kg 1600*1330*1740mm
MGCZ 100×14 4500kg/h 2.2kw 750kg 1460*1640*1600mm
MGCZ 100×16 5000kg/h 2.2kw 800kg 1460*1700*1776mm


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