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Electric Tricycle Food Cart
Model: AWF-06/AWF-07/AWF-13
Capacity: /
Power source: electricity
Dimensions /
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

This electric mobile food cart is of fashionable design and reasonable inner structure, integrating the function of roasting, frying, boiling and fast food making, etc. An electric food cart is just like a flow restaurant, the arrangement model is versatile and flexible, locations like night market, supermarket, school, factory, residential areas are ideal place.

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Features
1.The food cart is transferred by Electricity .
2. Front veil is made of endurance plates.
3. Food cart body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics.
4. The inside and outside of the food cart is painted with high quality paint.
5. Energy efficient and sanitary.

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Application
1. as fast food cart which you can make and sell fast food.
2. As shop which you can sell your fruit, vegetable, ice cream, daily utensil anywhere.
3. As book store which you can sell newspaper, books, magazine, etc.
4. As empty cart which do it by you.

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Standard Devices(All for Free)

1. Stainless Steel Counter 2. Stainless steel store cabinet 3.Water tap and sink
4. Electrical box 5. Lamp 6. Signal Lamp(for electric type)

Optional Devices for Tricycle Food Cart

1. Gas Fryer 2. Gas Griddle 3. Gas Hot dog 4. Coffee Machine 5. Ice Crusher or Ice Maker
6. Fruit Juice Maker 7. Glass Warm Showcase 8. Gas Crepes Pan 9. Gas Baking Oven 10.Fridge or Freezer

Grantee of Our Craftsmanship
1.All of our mobile food carts meet and exceed industry standards of quality manufacturing. A testing program is performed on each cart after its completion.
2.Our food car ts are guaranteed and carry a full warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship under use and service for one year from date of shipment.

Electric Tricycle Food Cart Specifications

Model Type Dimension Colour
AWF-06 Electric Tricycle 3.4*1.6*2.1M painted as like
AWF-07 Electric Tricycle 3.4*0.8*2.1M painted as like
AWF-13 Electric Tricycle 3.4*1.15*2.1M painted as like

Electric Tricycle Food Trailer Inner Structure

electric food trailer for food vending business

a fast food sale business can be started by using electric vending cart

mobile food cart is a great choice to open a snack business

mobile food cart inner structurer




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