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Concession Food Trailer
Model: AWF-11
Capacity: /
Power source: hand
Dimensions 2.2*1.6*2.2M
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Standard Devices(All for Free)

1. Stainless Steel Counter 2. Stainless steel store cabinet 3.Water tap and sink
4. Electrical box 5. Lamp 6. Signal Lamp(for electric type)

Optional Devices for Hand Push Cart

1. Gas Fryer 2. Gas Griddle 3. Gas Hot dog 4. Coffee Machine 5. Ice Crusher or Ice Maker
6. Fruit Juice Maker 7. Glass Warm Showcase 8. Gas Crepes Pan 9. Gas Baking Oven 10.Fridge or Freezer

A Few Factor to Consider before Starting Streets Food Business
There's no set formula for determining how much it costs to start a mobile food business. A decision on how to sell your foods will mainly depend on:
1. Which kind of food do you want to sale.
2. Your startup budget and potential for returns.
3. Your creative ideas and what it will take to fulfill them.
4. Your experience at running a business.
5. Your ideal demographic.

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Product Name: Concession Food Trailer