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Mobile Food Trucks - Electric/Gasoline Series
Model: MJD-05
Power source:
Dimensions 3200*1800*2200
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Electric/Gasoline Mobile Food Cart Feature
1.The food cart is transferred by Electric or Gasoline.                          2. Front veil is made of endurance plates.
3. Food cart body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics.             4. The inside and outside of the food cart is painted with high quality paint.
Standard Equipments in the Mobile Food Cart
1. Stainless steel counter                                            2. Stainless steel store cabinet
3. Double-layer stainless steel shelves                   4. Water sink
5. Electrical box                                                             6. Lamp/External power inlet
Optional Equipments for the Mobile Food Cart(2 or 3 equipments can be chosen from the below)
1. Fryers   2. Griddle/Square iron hot plate  3. Display cabinet  4. Coffee machine 5. Ice crusher 6. Fridge 7. Hot dog machine 8. BBQ machine 9. Heating oven 10. Steamer
Typical Customer for Your Mobile Food Businesss
There are several demographic groups that can be potential customers. Which group do you focus on can lead an influence on your menu, location, and daily schedule of food preparation. Here I would list three typical customers.
1. Breakfast or lunch crowd at office parks: for these people, quick service is crucial.
2. Tourists, who might want to taste your home-town favorites, or event attendees who want a bite to eat between innings or before the headlining band goes on.
3. Late-nighters: those hungry club-goers crave the types of gluttonous and greasy snacks after midnight.

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Product Name: Mobile Food Trucks - Electric/Gasoline Series