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Hand Push Food Cart
Model: AWF-01/AWF-02/AWF-03/AWF-04/AWF-05
Capacity: /
Power source: hand push
Dimensions 2.0*0.8*2.0M /2.2*1.6*2.1M/2.0*1.15*2.1M/2.2*1.6*2.1M/2.8*2.0*2.2M
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Hand Push Food Cart Introduction
1. The front veil is made of endurance plates.   
2. Both sides of the cart body are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics.
3. The inside and outside of the food cart is painted with high quality paint.
4. The bottom has 4 jacks and 4 wheels equipped with high-speed bearings.

Standard Devices(All for Free)

1. Stainless Steel Counter 2. Stainless steel store cabinet 3.Water tap and sink
4. Electrical box 5. Lamp 6. Signal Lamp(for electric type)

Optional Devices for Hand Push Cart

1. Gas Fryer 2. Gas Griddle 3. Gas Hot dog 4. Coffee Machine 5. Ice Crusher or Ice Maker
6. Fruit Juice Maker 7. Glass Warm Showcase 8. Gas Crepes Pan 9. Gas Baking Oven 10.Fridge or Freezer

Other useful equipment for you
Ice cream machine
popcorn maker
fried ice  machine
sugarcane juicer
Candy flosss machine
slush machine

Hand Push Food Cart Specifications

Model Type Dimension Colour
AWF-01 Handpush 2.0*0.8*2.0M painted according to your needs
AWF-02 Handpush 2.2*1.6*2.1M painted according to your needs
AWF-03 Handpush 2.0*1.15*2.1M painted according to your needs
AWF-04 Handpush 2.0*1.15*2.1M painted according to your needs
AWF-05 Handpush 2.8*2.0*2.2M painted according to your needs

Booming Opportunity for Street Food
Street food industry has enjoyed more and more popularity with a booming increase to approximately 3 million food trucks and more than 5 million food carts in the U.S. Mobile food carts are very commonly seen in malls, train and bus stations, airports, stadiums, conference centers and other locations in recent years. Street food culture has rapidly spread to worldwide corners. Not only in advanced countries, but also in some developing countries, street food snacks are also very popular. This is a good opportunity to start a business with a mobile food cart. No doubt that it will be a low investment with remarkable profit.

Be Your Own Boss with Our Concession Carts

With our concession carts you can sell hot dogs and other snacks to become a food vendor and earn extra cash. Mobile concession carts are perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to make their own hours and reap the rewards of being their own boss. Starting your own home business has never been easier with our concession carts!
Hand push trailer can meet customers with different business needs, we can customize different models according to your required functions. The well-designed gearing wheel makes the snack cart very convenient to move and swerve. The hand push series of mobile food carts are highly featured with compact structure, environmental protection and high flexibility, suitable for starting business in many locations.
1. This machine can be used in fixed shop or fluctuating business for example near school, net bar and supermarket.
2. Can also be used as mobile vehicle for providing meal delivering service in factory, airport, school and hospitable.

hot dog vending in mobile food cart

potato chips vending business in the food cart

hand push food cart is good for fast food vending

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