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Fried Peanut Processing Line
Model: Customize solution according to your capacity
Power source: Customize solution according to your capacity
Dimensions Customize solution according to your capacity
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 30 days

Fried Peanut Processing Line Introduction
Fried peanut processing line is used to produce delicious peanut and broad beans, it includes blanching machine, peanut peeling machine, broad beans opening machine, frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavoring machine and vacuum nitrogen packaging machine, according to the different needs of the customers, it has large, medium and small scale. If you have other special request for the fried peanut processing line, we can also customize it for you as your request.

Fried Peanut Processing Line Processing Procedure
Fried peanut processing line the flowchart is as follow:
Peanut/broad beans— peanut kernel blanching-- peanut kernel red skin peeling--opening (broad beans)--peanut frying--fried nuts de-oiling--peanut flavoring—fried peanuts packaging
1. The blanching machine is used to cook the peanut, let the peanut kernel red skin easy to peeling and keep the nature flavor of the peanut.
2. The peeling machine is a wet peeling machine, high peeling rate and no damage to the peanut.
3. For the broad beans, we should use the broad beans slitting machine for incision in order to make the beans easy to fry and can absorb the flavoring thoroughly and evenly.
4. Frying is a core step. The purpose of the frying is to reduce the moisture in the peanut and get crispy peanut. When frying, please grasp the right time, neither too early nor too late.
5. The fried peanut is placed into the de-oiling machine to extrude the spare oil.,the extruded oil can be use again to achieve the purpose of energy saving
6. The flavoring machine is used to season the peanut which make the peanut more taste, the customers can season various flavors according to their own intention.
7. The last step is packing. Vacuum nitrogen packaging machine can finish large and high efficiency packaging. Through the packing, the fried peanut can keep tasty and no damage for a long time.

fried peanut processing line

peanut kernel

peanut wet skin peeling

fried peanuts

honey roasted peanuts

packed fried peanuts

Fried Peanut Processing Line Advantages
1. High product quality
2. Stainless steel, easy to clean and health
3. Low edible oil, low fuel consumption and labor saving
4. High peeling rate, high output and peeling very clean
5. Different capacities equipments to meet your needs
Our fried peanut processing equipment consist of 7 independent machines, you can according to your needs to choose. Our fried peanut processing equipment is very proper for hotel, super market, restaurant and peanut/broad beans food processing plant, etc.

Working process of the peeling machine



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