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Almond/Peanut Peeling Machine
Model: TP-150
Capacity: 150-200kg/hour
Power source: 380v/220v/0.75kw
Dimensions 1200*700*1100mm
Guarantee: 1 year
Delivery time: 15-30 days

Almond Skin Peeling Machine Introduction
This wet type almond peeling machine is mainly used to peeling almonds for canned almond, almond dish, almond drink and almond dew, etc. Our peeling machine adopts high standard pure soft rubber wheel which can remove the skin of almonds easily and gently, so it features high peeling rate, high complete-kernel rate and non-pollution. Our wet type almond peeling machine is the ideal equipment for small and medium almond processing factory or food processing plant.

Almond Peeling Machine Features
1. It is available for peeling almonds, peanuts, soybean, etc
2. It is wet type, firstly almonds should be soaked in the water before peeling
3. Professional and advanced processing techniques, easy operation and stable performance; save time and labor efficiently with a peeling rate above 98%, broken rate less than 1%
4. The peeling rubber-ring is made of quality rubber through vulcanization, with abrasive wearing of 0.1-0.4mm/10km and service life more than three times longer than that of an ordinary rubber-ring
5. Vibration discharging is adopted with auto separation of peanut skin and kernel, resulting in no loss.
6. Food place is made of stainless steel, hygiene and healthy for food standard
7. Equipped with one extra free spare parts when shipping

Operation Tips & Application of Almond Peeling Machine
Before feed the almonds, soak them first. Next put the almonds to the feeding funnel of this machine, the rubber rings rub to peel the almond. Then the peeled almond will be discharged without skin. It’s mainly used in the previous processing of canned almond, almond dish, almond drink and almond dew, etc.

Working Video of Almond Skin Peeling Machine

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