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Palm Nut Shelling Machine
Model: TK-01
Capacity: 200-300kg/hour
Power source: 380v/1.5kw
Dimensions 2350*770*1600mm
Guarantee: 1 year
Delivery time: 15-30 days

Palm Nut Shelling Machine Introduction
Palm nut shelling machine is used in collecting places of small scale palmary and wild palm processing center, which can shell the palm nut from hard shells. Besides, this nut shelling machine can also shell the hard oil seeds like walnut. It has the features of easy operation and convenient maintenance, wide usage etc. The shelled palm kernel can be further processed into value-added products like palm kernel oil, roasted palm nuts. So here we recommend our automatic palm kernel oil machine and nut roasting machine, if you need.

process palm by palm nut shelling machine

Multifunctional Nuts Shelling Machine Features
1. This nut shelling machine can be used for shelling nuts of various size and hardness .
2. Palm nut shelling machine is one grade size cracking process. It cracks nuts one time one size and the roller gaps can be adjusted for other sizes cracking.
3. This multifunctional nut shelling machine can shell apricot nuts, walnuts, haze nuts, and other kinds of nuts.
4. This machine is reasonably designed and its ratio of broken kernels is low.
5. It is the most ideal nut processing machine available now.

Nuts Shelling Machine Advantages
(1) High-efficiency.
(2) Professional and advanced skill, saving time and labor.
(3) High shelling rate of 95% and low damage rate of 1%.
(4) Easy to operate.

Palm Nut Shelling Machine Woking Video

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