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Sesame Cleaning Machine
Model: AMS-1/AMS-2/AMS-5
Capacity: 1000-5000kg/h
Power source: 0.75kw/1.1kw/1.5kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Sesame Cleaning Machine Introduction
The sesame cleaning machine is mainly used to clean the sesame seeds and many other grain seeds. It can remove the stones, dusts and any other impurities from the sesame seeds easily and effectively, which is an ideal processing equipment for sesame processing plants. Besides sesame cleaning machine, the sesame peeling machine also enjoys wide popularity.

Automatic Seed Cleaner Features
1. The spiral churning device is equipped to fully stir the sesame seeds, improving the cleaning efficiency.
2. The working procedures mainly includes: discharge of sewage, remove the solid impurities, and get the clean sesame seeds.
3. Easy operation and low labor cost.
4. Saving water, low energy cost and environment friendly.

Sesame Washing Machine Application
☆ Applicable for various small size seeds washing like white sesame/black sesame/brown sesame , rapeseeds.
☆ This sesame cleaning machine can be equipped with peanut butter machine in small peanut butter production line; or with small roasting machine and oil press for making sesame oil; or directly dry the washed sesame for further use in snack industry.

sesame balls

sesame sticks

fried sesame sticks

sesame snaps

Sesame Washing Machine Working Process
Sesame cleaning machine is specially designed for washing rapeseeds as well as sesame seeds. Sesame washing machine consists of a spiral blending device, continuously mixing and Propelling the sesame seeds forward. During the fully blending process, the sesame are washed completely. Making use of the characteristic of small proportion of sesame seeds, this seeds washing machine is designed with 3 discharge hole respectively for sewage, impurities and clean sesame seeds. This technical design can not only save water and energy, but also can realize continuous production.

Installation & Operation of Sesame Washing Machine

1. Put the machine in a suitable positon and then fix the scroll wheel of the machine under-chassis.
2. Connect the electricity power and check machine rotating direction.
3. Connect water source, open the inlet water valve and drain valve. Adjust inlet water and discharging water, ensuring the discharging water is 1/3 more than inlet water and 2/3 water are discharged from discharging hole.
4. Start the machine and pour the sesame into the feeding hole.
5. The clean sesame container should be of good air permeability.

Sesame Cleaning Machine Working Video

Maintenance and Attentions to Seed Cleaning Machines

※ Get ride of residue in the machine after every day work.
※ Add lubricative oil to bearings and chains regularly
※ Contact of hands and metal to feeder or screw shaft is forbidden.

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sesame snaps

roasted sesame 20 g
unsalted butter 80 g
sugar 80 gegg 60 g
four 120 g
baking powder 2g
milk 100 g
ghee 40 g
Direction to Making Sesame Snaps

☞ Soften the butter and add sugar for total blending untile they become white.
☞ Break the egg into egg liquid and add to the former mixture in 2-3 times.
☞ Add flour and baking powder for complete mixing, then mix with milk and sesame.
☞ Pure the mixture in the baking tray and then put then into oven for baking about 
10 minutes at temperature of 180℃
Sesame Cleaning Machine Technical parameters

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension
AMS-1 1000kg/h 0.75kw 200kg 2300*600*1350mm
AMS-2 2000kg/h 1.1kw 280kg 2600*600*1350mm
AMS-5 5000kg/h 1.5kw 400kg 3100*700*1450mm




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