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Multifunctional Sesame Roasting Machine
Model: DFSJL-1
Capacity: 150Kg/h
Power source: 1.85Kw
Dimensions 2600×1350×1900mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Multifunctional Sesame Roasting Machine Introduction
Multifunctional sesame roasting machine is a special equipment used to dry and roast sesame, mung beans and other small grain food. The roasting machine has a lifting function, so it can make material automatically discharged and one item down net, easy to operate. The finished products are in uniform color and free of blemishes. There are three heating methods: electric heating, coal heating, and gas heating, and customers can choose appropriate heating way according to their situation.

Sesame Roasting Machine Features
1. Low energy consumption, high efficiency and easy to operate
2. Health and convenient; the baking quality has reached the standard of food hygiene and international export standards
3. Quick heating effect, stable performance, low running costs and long service life
4. The roasted products are with wonderful color, crispy taste and no stain

Tilting Type Sesame Roasting Machine Application
The roasting machine is widely used in drying and roasting all kinds of nuts, beans and seeds, such as peanuts, milky white rice, boiled spicy peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans and so on. It is a good helper for food processing industry.

How to Get Pure Taste and Crispy Roasted Food with Peanut Roasting Machine?
The peanut roasting machine adopts electric tube as the heat source, using rotary rolling cage, thermal conduction, and thermal radiation theory, equipped with automatic temperature control device. With hot air as drying medium, the heat effects in baked objects. During the baking process the roasted products in the cage advancing by propulsion device, forming a continuous cycle, so as to be heated evenly, effectively, ensuring the baking quality with pure and crispy taste.

sesame roasting machine used for various grain food

Tilting Type Sesame Roasting Machine Operation Instructions
1. Please make sure the power and transmission past is normal before starting, then press the forward button to make the rotating cage idle for 3-5 minutes; open the oven temperature switch warming all without exception. During the heating process, the roasting cage can not stop rotation to prevent the high temperature deformation.
2. Each replacement of raw materials, because the contained water is different, you should first baked 1-2 furnace and work out data, then to do mass production
3. In the baking process, you can sample from the rotating cage to observe the duration and degree of heating, if it is ok, then press the reverse rotation button, open the discharge door, make the object automatically flow out.
4. At the end of working, please first turn off the temperature control switch. Don't stop the rotating cage until the oven temperature drop to 50 degrees, which can prevent high temperature static deformation.

sesame roasting machine

sesame roasting machine

sesame roasting machine





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