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Automatic Food Packaging Equipment
Model: GQ-398A
Capacity: 20-60bags/min
Power source: 3.8KW
Dimensions 3.5M( height)
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Automatic Food Weighing and Packaging Equipment Introduction
Amisy GQ-398A automatic food weighing and packaging equipment is consists of vertical automatic packing machine, ten heads combination weigher, z type elevator(with vibration feeder),supporting plate form and finished products conveyor. It can realize from weighing, filling to packaging automatically. Our automatic weighing and packing machine enjoys great popularity in food processing industry.
Automatic Weighing and Packaging Equipment Features
1. It employs imported PLC computer control system, Chinese and English touch screen operating system, the working condition and operating instructions can be show clearly.
2. Using high precision servo film transporting system, transport membrane smooth, with automatic photoelectric tracking system, high positioning accuracy.
3. Intelligent digital temperature control system, temperature control stability, match with tooth profile sealing device, ensure perfect sealing.
4. Automatic fault alarm display function, such as low temperature, no packing film, no material and so on.
5. It is a fully automatic equipment can automatically complete all packaging process of measure, feeding, filling, date printing, finished product output.
Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine Application
It is suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as puffy food, crispy rice, candy, pistachio, apple slices, dumplings, chocolate, pet food, small hard wares, medicines, etc.
Brief Description of Automatic Weighing and Packing Unit Constituent Part
1. Packing machine
The automatic packing machine adopts PLC whole computer control system, it has many advantage such as precise positioning, low loss, nice packaging. the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag according to customer’s requirements.
2. Ten heads combination weigher
It is made of stainless steel, clean and hygiene, perfect combination of high degree and high speed, powerful data automatic statistical functions which can help you save a lot of material and labor cost, get fast investment return.
3. Z type elevator
The hoist driven by chain transmission lifting hopper, used for vertical transport of particles and patches of material, has the advantages of large lifting capacity, high lifting degrees. It is suitable for grains, food, feed and chemical industry.
4. Products conveyor
It is used to delivery packed finished bag to the packaging test equipment or packing platform.
5. Working platform
The working platform is used to support electronic scale.
Warm tips:
1. If you produce different products with different size bags, you should change the molding machine to meet different bag making width, for the bag making length you can adjust it by yourself.
2. Video is available, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.
Automatic Food Packing Machine Technical Parameters

Model Film thickness Bag making width Bag making length Packing speed Power Weight Dimension
GQ-398A 0.04-0.08mm 60-200mm 50-300mm 15-90bags/min 3kw/220v/50/60Hz 400Kg 1400*970*1700mm


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