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Full Automatic Bag-given Packing Machine
Model: SGB400-GD
Capacity: 10-60bags/min
Power source: 5.5KW
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Full Automatic Bag-given Packing Machine Introduction
The full automatic bag-given packing machine is designed to meet the large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the automatic packaging instead of manual packaging. The operator only need to place the hundreds of bags in the bag taking device one time, this packing machine can complete the whole packing process automatically, improving the production efficiency and greatly reducing the cost. It is a multi-purpose packing machine, equipped with different counting device can pack kinds of product such as powder, liquid, granule, etc.
Full Automatic Bag-given Packaging Machine Features
1. Adopt advanced PLC from Germany Siemens, mate with touch and man-machine interface control system, easy to operate.
2. Material or packaging bag contact parts adopt stainless steel or other material which accord with the food hygiene requirements, health and safety.
3. The full automatic bag-given packing machine uses frequency conversion device, can optionally adjust speed in the specified range.
4. Automatic detection function, if the bag is not open or the bag opening is not complete, it will not feeding and heating sealing, bag can be used again, no waste of material and save the cost of production.
5. Safety device, when the working pressure is not normal or heating pipe fault, it will alarm.
6. The width of the bag is adjusted by the electric motor, convenient operation and time saving.
7. Employ imported engineering plastic bearing and oil less vacuum pump to reduce pollution to material and environment.
8. Using preformed bag, perfect packing bag pattern, good sealing quality, low package material loss, improve the grade of the product.
9. Random distribution of organic glass safety door, to protect the operator.

full automatic bag-given packaging machine working process

Full Automatic Bag-given Packing Machine Working Process
Giving bag-coding-opening bag-feeding and vibrating-heat sealing-forming and output product

Full Automatic Bag-given Packaging Machine Application
The full automatic bag-given packaging machine has widely packaging range, with different feeders, it can be applied to pack the liquid, paste, powder, granules, irregular lump material, etc.
1. Lumps: candy, chocolate, biscuit, peanut, beans, nuts, puffed food, cakes, etc.
2. Granules: granular drug, capsule, seed, sugar, essence of chicken, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, etc.
3. Powder: spices, milk powder, glucose, washing powder, chemical raw material, refined sugar, etc.
4. Liquid / paste: detergent, yellow wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, bean paste, etc.

Full Automatic Bag-given Packaging Machine Technical Parameters

Model SGB400-GD
Working position Six position
Material of bag Laminated film, PE,PP ,ETC
Bag type Stand-up bag, flat bag, zipper bag
Bag size W:100-210mm L:100-410mm
Filling range 10-1000g
Weighing accuracy ±0.5-2g
Capacity 10-60bags/min
Voltage 380V 3phase  50HZ
Power 5.5KW
Air consumption 0.6m3/min(supply by user)


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