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Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
Model: DXDF-60Z
Capacity: 30-50 bags/min
Power source: 1.9Kw
Dimensions 850×900×1850(mm)
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Automatic Powder Packing Machine Introduction
The automatic powder packaging machine is designed to pack different powder materials like coffee, sugar, salt, juice powders, custard powders, milk powers, etc. It is also used for packing detergent and powdered medicine in small and large quantities. Automatic powder packaging machine is capable of material filling, sealing, counting and code printing. The whole process operates automatically.
Automatic Powder Packing Machine Features

1. Stainless steel construction
2. Adopt stepper motor subdivision technology
3. High-precision bag making with an error of less than 1mm
4. The packing can be done in two sealing types: three sides & four sides
5. Heat sealing device with four heating sources, adjustable temperature of each heat sealer in each side
6. Suitable for various packing materials
7. Easy to adjust and clean with new-type lifting hopper
8. Adjustable cutter location in the process of operation

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Product Name: Automatic Powder Packaging Machine
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