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  • Chicken Feet Peeling Production Line
    <b>Chicken Feet Peeling Production Line</b>

    AMS chicken feet peeling production line is a professional and whole chicken feet peeling production line, easy to operate, high output.

  • Small Chicken Feet Peeling Machine
    Small Chicken Feet Peeling Machine

    The small chicken feet peeling machine is used for chicken feet skin removing,easy to operate,durable and high output.

  • Big Chicken Feet Peeling Machine
    Big Chicken Feet Peeling Machine

    The big chicken feet peeling machine is the best choice for the chicken feet food processing factory and plant, itcan process the chicken in large capacity with high efficiency.

  • Sweet Corn Husker Machine
    Sweet Corn Husker Machine

    The sweet corn husker machine can gently and quickly peelthe corn husk and stigma of corn.High husking rate, few broken rate

  • Garlic Peeling Production Line
    Garlic Peeling Production Line

    The garlic processing line is the complete solution for garlic separating,peeling and deep garlic processing.

  • Automatic Egg Breaking Machine
    Automatic Egg Breaking Machine

    1.Two types for your choice, the yolk and eggwhite can be separate or not. 2.Easy to operate, variable speed control and labor-saving, only 2-3 people can operate it

  • Gizzard Peeling Machine
    Gizzard Peeling Machine

    The gizzard peeling machine is used for peel the yellow skin of the chicken and duck gizzard,labor-saving and high efficiency.

  • Paste Grinding Machine
    Paste Grinding Machine

    1.Good sealing, stable performance, easy to operate and maintain 2.Widely usage, high production efficiency and long life service

  • Grains Huller Machine
    Grains Huller Machine

    1.Low energy consumption, high output and can separate the chaff and rice automatically 2.Low noise,light weight and high utilization rate of by-products

  • Automatic Apple Peeling Machine
    Automatic Apple Peeling Machine

    Controlled by PLC system, automatic apple peeling machine can finish peeling, coring, slicing at one time, with high peeling rate and widely application.

  • Automatic Onion Peeling Machine
    Automatic Onion Peeling Machine

    1. Full automatically processing procedures. 2. Peeling onion skin evenly, no damage to onion.

  • Chicken Egg Peeling Machine
    Chicken Egg Peeling Machine

    1.High peeling rate and no damage to eggs. 2.Large working capacity of 8000-10000Pcs/h .

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