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Almond Shelling Machine
Model: AMS-TFXZ500
Capacity: 700kg/h
Power source: 9.08KW
Dimensions Covering area: 18.5m×1.6m
Guarantee: 1 year guarantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Almond Shelling Machine Function
Almond shelling machine is a complete lin for shelling the almond, apricot and other nuts. The first step is to grade the almond into 4 grades. The second step is shelling, then shell removing and separating of the shell and kernel. At last the unshelled almond will be sent back for second shelling. We also have alomond kernel grading machine for your choice.
Shelling Process
The whole Almond shelling line include 3 steps: grading process, shelling process and shell removing process.
1. Grading process: feeding hopper, hoisting machine and grading machine
In this process, the almonds can be graded into to 3-4 grades, so after grading, the big and small size almonds will automatically separated from different discharging mouth. It  can be used on grading and sieving peanuts kernels by size.
2. Shelling process: feeding hopper, screw elevator, shelling machine
Adjusting the clearance between processing compression roller can realize to process three different types of almonds at the same time
3. Shelling removing equipment: feeding hopper, screw elevator, the skin and kernel separating machine(2sets)
Almond Shelling Machine Features
1. High shelling rate of 98%and perfect kernel
2. It can shell various hard shell nuts.
3. Compact structure, perfect design and low crushing ratio
4. High automatic degree.

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Product Name: Almond Shelling Machine