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Chicken Egg Peeling Machine
Model: AC-02
Capacity: 8000-10000pcs/h
Power source: 380V/0.6kw
Dimensions 2700*900*1500mm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

About Chicken Egg Peeling Machine
AMS Chicken egg peeling machine is a specially designed peeling machine for hen eggs and duck eggs. The whole body of egg peeling machine is made of high quality stainless steel material which totally measures up food hygiene standard.
Chicken Egg Peeling Machine Advantages
1. The peeled eggs and shell are processed separately; eggs are with high integrity rate.
2. Well structured and designed, convenient to move and little space occupation.
3. Stainless steel material, easy to clean.
4. Little water consumption. 
Common Sense about Egg Nutrition
Eggs are rich in nutrition including protein and vitamins,etc. Among them, the protein intake rate reaches 98%; These nutrition is good to brain and helps you build a strong body. But you also should pay attention to the quantity of eggs intake. Just like a saying, going too far is as bad as not going far enough.

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Product Name: Chicken Egg Peeling Machine
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