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Sweet Corn Husker Machine
Model: 6YZJ-8
Capacity: 3-4ton/hour
Power source: Elevator:1.5kw, Feeder: 0.4kw, Husker:4.86kw
Dimensions 4560*1250*1800mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Sweet Corn Husker Machine Introduction
The sweet corn husker machine employs advanced technology, unique design, which makes it can gently and quickly peel the corn husk and stigma of corn. It is very professional husking machine for sweet corn, fresh corn and wet corn, widely used in corn food processing, such as sweet corn cans, waxy corn food, etc.
Sweet Corn Husker Processing Unit Description
The sweet corn husker processing unit is a complete processing plant, including four main parts which are hoister, feeder, husker and electric closet
1. Hoister--Automatic stepless speed regulation, it can accurately control the conveying rate of corn
2. Feeder--Bring the scatter corn to be orderly, with the best condition into the husker and achieve the highest efficiency of peeling and lowest damage to the corn grains.
3. Husker--It is the core part of the sweet corn husk processing, gently and quickly peeling the husk of the corn without any damage to the corn grain.
4. Electric closet--It is made of the stainless steel, according to the power operation specifications for design, safe and easy to operate.
Sweet Corn Husker Machine Features
1. Advanced technology, large capacity, the capacity is 3-4 tons per hour.
2. Fast husking, high husking rate, few broken rate, the husking rate >95%, few broken rate <3% during husking process.
3. High efficiency, long service life and conform to the food safety.
4. Qualified by the agriculture department, meet exporting standard.

Fresh Corn Husking Machine Video


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