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Gizzard Peeling Machine
Model: AMS-200
Capacity: 200kg/h
Power source: 0.75kw/220v
Dimensions 720*400*800mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Gizzard Peeling Machine Introduction
Gizzard peeling machine is used to peel the skin of poultry gizzard, such as chicken gizzard, duck gizzard. It is to drive spiral strip through motor, to realize the spiral strip turn off, so as to achieve the effect of peeling the poultry gizzard.It is ideal equipment for meat processing factory.
Gizzard Peeling Machine Features
1. Easy to operate, convenient to clean and maintain
2. Beautiful appearance, excellent performance
3. Made of stainless steel, no pollution to products, comply with the food safety and hygiene standards
4. High efficiency, low energy consumption
5. High yield, the output can reach 200kg/h
How to Choose Poultry Gizzard?
The fresh gizzards appearance was purple or red, the surface is elastic and shiny, thick texture. The stale gizzards appearance was black red, the surface without elasticity and luster, soft and succulent, please don't buy.
How to Store The Poultry Gizzard?
1. Generally, the fresh poultry gizzards are not suitable for long time storage after you buy, you'd better eat them up in 2 days.
2. If you need to store the gizzards for a long time, there are some suggestions you can have a try: First, wash and peel the gizzards cleanly. Second, put them in the pot with water and boil to nearly cooked. Then get them out and use cold water cooler, empty the water. The last step is to wrap into a small package with plastic bags, put them into the refrigerator for cryopreservation, when eating, only put out for natural thaw.
Gizzard Peeling Machine Technology Parameters

Model Power Voltage Weight Output Overall dimension
AMS-200 0.75kw 220v 70kg 200kg/h 720*400*800mm


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