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Automatic Onion Peeling Machine
Model: YT500
Capacity: 500kg/h
Power source: 0.2kw
Dimensions 1340x860x1500mm
Guarantee: 1 year guarantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Onion Peeling Machine Introduction
The automatic onion peeling machine is used to remove the first and second layers of onions. This machine applies advanced technology and the whole process is automatic and digital, no need of water as well. The peeled onions are smooth and fresh.

onion for peeling

peeled onions

Onion Peeling Machine Features
1. Full automatically processing procedures.
2. Peeling onion skin evenly, no damage to onion.
3. Simple design, convenient operation and adopt automatic feeding device.
4. More labour saving and sanitarier than manual processing onion.
5. Low energy consumption and little maintenance cost.
6. Completely automatic dry-peel operation.
7. Works on compressed air, Energy saving unit
8. Easy for maintenance and cleaning
9. Can peel different size of Onion
10. Suitable for complete production line or single station working
11. Contact Parts, Hopper & Outside Panels in SS 304 .

Advantages of Pneumatic Onion Peeling Machine
1. Non Abrasive / Non Emery peeling
2. Very low peeling wastage
3. Only top and tail cutting is required
4. Onions can be peeled without top and tail cutting also
5. No consumables
6. High output as compared to normal emery peeling / abrasive peeling
7. Absolutely no damages to onions

Automatic Onion Peeling Machine Working Video

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