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Peanut Butter Machine
Model: AMS-130/AMS-85
Capacity: 200-4000 kg/h
Power source: 5.5kw/11kw
Dimensions 1009×385×1050 mm/800×350×850 mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

The Great Benefit of Peanut Butter
Peanut butter contains large amounts of dietary fiber, which can help to control the blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reduce the chance of developing colorectal cancer. Besides, peanut butter contains high levels of proteins, vitamin E, B3, minerals copper, iron, calcium and potassium and some other nutrients, and raw peanut butter even has more beneficial effects. Many people worry about that eating peanut butter can gain too much weight, but the fact is that the peanut butter can give you a feeing of fullness and a small amount of peanut butter can stave off the hunger pang longer than the ordinary foods such as rice or noodles. As long as you eat right amount of peanut butter, you can be both healthy and slim.
The Wide Applications of Peanut Butter Maker
The peanut butter maker is designed to make peanut butter, sesame paste,etc with various tastes. Besides, the grinding machine can be used to grind peanut milk, protein milk, soy milk, dairy products, malted milk, fragrance, drinks, aloe Vera, pollen, pineapple, tea, ice cream, moon cake stuffing, butter, jam, fruit juice etc. High yield, high efficiency and small size make the peanut butter machine extremely popular both for home and commercial use.
 Peanut Butter Maker Features
1. The peanut can be directly make into peanut butter without pre-crushing.
2. Adopting the latest technology of wet particle processing.
3. Multifunctional and compact structure.
4. Small in size, covering little space.
5. High yield and easy operation.
Peanut Butter Maker Parameters

Model Material processing fineness Motor power Output Unloaded speed Dimensions Net weight
AMS-130 2-70 um 11kw 200-4000 kg/h 3000±100 r/min 1009×385×1050 mm 275 kg
AMS-85 2-70 um 5.5kw 200-2000 kg/h 3000±100 r/min 800×350×850 mm 170 kg


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Product Name: Peanut Butter Machine