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Quail Egg Peeling Machine
Model: AC-02
Capacity: 10000pcs/h
Power source: 220V/0.55kw
Dimensions 1150*600*850mm
Guarantee: 1 year guarantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Why a Quail Egg Peeling Machine
Wanna diversify people' daily food and obtain balanced nutrition? Quail egg is a good choice! Exquisite shape, rich nutrients and tasty flavor! So why hesitate? Consider an investment for processing quail eggs in large scale!
AMS Quail Egg Peeling Machine
Quail egg peeling machine is especially designed for peeling quail eggs in a large scale. The stainless steel material makes the egg peeling process stable and hygienenic. Just feed the hard boiled quail eggs and wait for the peeled eggs discharged from the outlet. No labor operation, totally automatic peeling.
Advantages of Quail Egg Peeling Machine
1. High peeling and integrity rate. With the working capacity of 10000pcs/h and the breakage rate of less than 1%.
2. Widely applies for spiced quail egg and canned quail egg manufacturer in restaurants, canteens, bird egg wholesalers,etc.
3. Reliable working process, labor-saving.
4. Stainless steel materials and easy to clean.
AMS Sweet Tips-How to Peel Eggs Easily
* Older eggs peel more easily.
* Put boiled eggs in fridge or cool water for a while.
* Put the eggs into vinegar until the shell disintegrates.

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