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Popcorn Making Machine
Model: AMSFMP03
Capacity: 1batch/2min
Power source: 1.7KW
Dimensions 895*415*745mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Commercial Popcorn Making Machine Introduction
Popcorn has a long history, since ancient time it has been a popular snack food. Popcorn making machine also called popcorn popper is a machine used to pop popcorn. Our commercial popcorn making machine is a new type popcorn maker to meet the growing market demand of popcorn which has absorbed the advantages of other popcorn popper. With remarkable performance and reasonable price, it is ideal equipment for catering, snack shop, movie theatre, etc.
Popcorn Maker Features
1. Unique design, modern style structure, beautiful and avant-garde.
2. High quality material, consist of aluminum alloy column, three surface tempered glass and stainless steel plate.
3. Spray rich teflon non-stick layer in the pot, easy to clean and maintain.
4. Convenient to operate, low energy consumption, safe and hygiene.
Popcorn Making Machine Application
1. Multiple color popcorn: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, etc.
2. Kinds of flavors: hami melon, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, taro, sweet orange, lemon, banana, blueberry, etc.
3. Wide use range: suitable for processing business in the market, park, station, school, theater, playground, shopping mall, supermarket and other place, can also used for retail after packing at home.
Popcorn Making Machine Market Prospect
Popcorn as the common snacks food loved by many people, the market prospect is broad. Processing popcorn is a small investment, quick rich project, it is very convenient to start your business not only in public place, but also you can make the popcorn at home and then to do retail business. Amisy popcorn making machine is one of the most novel food machine in the nowadays market, it can produced all kinds of peculiar flavor popcorn, the popcorn processed by our equipment is of rich nutrition which is ideal health-care food for children and elderly. Amisy as one of the reliable supplier in China can provide high quality popcorn making machine and caramel popcorn production line for your need.
How to Clean and Maintain the Popcorn Popper
1. Please turn off the power when you clean and maintain the popcorn popper to avoid the accident.
2. No flush water directly popcorn tray and the whole machine.
3. Do not use the hard metal object to scrub the popcorn tray, so as to avoid the non-stick coating damage.
4. If you long time no use the commercial popcorn maker, need to cut off the power supply and keep properly.

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