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Rice Cake Machine
Model: Big rice cake machine
Capacity: 400 pcs/h
Power source: 1.2kw
Guarantee: one year
Delivery time: 5-10 working days

Rice Cake Introduction

Rice cake is made by rice or artificial rice, with the diameter of 120-150mm and the thickness of 5mm. It is a kind of healthy, fashionable snack foods with low calorie, low fat and diverse taste to meet the current trend of consumption. It comes in various shapes, round shape, round bar, square type, semi-circle type, and triangular type. It also helps to digest and absorb the nutrients. Therefore, rice cake is very popular among the people of all ages, especially the children.

rice cakes

Get to Know Rice Cake Machine

Rice cake making machine is the latest generation of snack foods processing equipment in the world. It can make the rice cake with high degree of automation, automatic spreading raw materials, automatic stamping, automatic cooling and automatic demoulding. The raw materials can be nutrition rice, wheat, rice flour, soybean oil, cucumber, etc. Rice cake with various flavors can be made by our machine, like corn flavor, pumpkin flavor, green onion flavor, etc.

Features of Rice Cake Making Machine

1.Made on-site, full automation, healthy green and environmental protection without pollution.
2.Low investment, quick benefit, high profit.
3.Convenient to use, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and long service life.
4.Adopt international advanced technology, beautiful appearance and shape.
5.Strong visual impact, stimulating the purchase desire of consumers, attracting crowds to form a sales atmosphere quickly.

Advantages of Rice Cake Machine

1.Temperature is shown and controlled in real time. Simple button touch operation.
2.Adopt thickened stainless steel feeding inlet, strong corrosion resistance, long service life and not easy to deformation. Large volume hopper can save you from adding the rice frequently.
3.Heating mould adopts safe and eco-friendly materials, high heating speed.
4.Adopt pure copper high efficiency motor, long service life and strong horsepower.
5.Chain drive design, small mechanical failure and smoother run

rice cake machine spare parts

Rice Cake Machine Types

We have two kinds of rice cake machines for selection:
1.Big rice cake making machine: It can only produce one rice cake in one time. But this rice cake is big and more puffed.
2.Small rice cake making production: It can produce 3-6 pcs rice cakes in one time. But this rice cake is smaller and not too puffed. It tastes more crispy.

Rice Cake Machine Technical Parameters

Name  Capacity  Power Weight
Big rice cake machine  400 pcs/h 1.2kw 75kg
Small rice cake machine 720-2160 pcs/h 3.5kw  165kg 

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