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Fried Food Flavoring Machine
Model: Five models for your choice
Power source: 0.75kw/1.1kw/1.47kw
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Fried Food Flavoring Machine Introduction
The fried food flavoring machine enjoys great popularity in food processing industry. It is used for flavoring all kinds of fried food, such as peanut, soybean, fruit chips, potato chips, etc., which makes the fried food more delicious and tasty. Up to now, this fried food flavoring machine is the most advanced seasoning machine around the world.

Fried Food Seasoning Machine Features
1. There are three kinds of fried flavoring machine which are octagonal type, disc type and roller type
2. Wholly made of stainless steel, easy to clean and health
3. Easy to operate, high output with no damage of the fried food
4. Flavoring evenly, automatic discharge
5. Rotating stable, low noise and compact structure
6. It is able to flavor/season any food and widely used for food processing industry

Fried Food Flavoring Machine Application
Fried food seasoning machine is widely used in food processing factory for seasoning and mixing all kinds of food, such as chips, french fries, fruit brittle, fried food, puffed food, snack food, leisure food, and so on.

Different Type of Fried Food Flavoring Machine Highlights
Disc type--use low-speed motor, avoiding damage of the fried food
Octagonal type--octagonal design, can process the food material with the required spices, full mixing uniformity in a short time. Convenient to disinfect and no dead ends
Roller type--full automatic equipment, seasoning barrel length and diameter can be customized according to customer needs. It can be used alone or with the production line
Business Tips:
Amisy can provide you different models and types of fried food flavoring machine with high quality and competitive prices. It definitely will be an ideal equipment to help your food processing business.

Fried Food Flavoring Machine Parameters Data

Model Power Voltage Weight Dimension
Disc type
0.75Kw 220V 90Kg 1000*800*1380mm
Disc type
1.1Kw 380V 110Kg 1020*1070*1430mm
Octagonal type
0.75Kw 380V 110Kg 1300*880*1500mm
Octagonal type
1.1Kw 380V 150Kg 1600*1100*1600mm
Roller type
1.47Kw 380V 380Kg 3000*850*2100mm







make tasty fried food by food flavoring machine

fried food seasoning machine is used to season many kinds of fried food

fried food flavoring machine also can be used for flavoring puffed food




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