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  • Vegetable Mud Cutting Machine
    Vegetable Mud Cutting Machine

    The vegetable mud cutting machine is suitable for cutting various vegetables and fruits into mud or plasma, easy to operate and with high productions.

  • Fruit & Vegetable Cutting Circle Machine
    Fruit & Vegetable Cutting Circle Machine

    The fruit and vegetable cutting circle machine is designed to cut many kinds of fruit and vegetable into circle shape,the finished products are in smooth surface and no broken.

  • Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine
    Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine

    The directioal vegetable cutting machine is suitable for cutting various vegetables or other food into slice, shred, block,etc,it is widely used in restaurant, vegetable company, refectory and other food processing industry.

  • Automatic Fruit & Vegetable Sorting Machine
    Automatic Fruit & Vegetable Sorting Machine

    The automatic fruit and vegetable sorting machine can sort varoius furit and vegetable,such as potato,apple,pear,tomato,etc.The sorting grade can be adjusted,fast speed and high output.

  • Fruit & Vegetable Washing and Peeling Processing Line
    Fruit & Vegetable Washing and Peeling Processing Line

    The fruit&vegetable washing and peeling processing line is used for fruit and vegetable wahsing and peeling.High efficiency, large production and excellent product quality.

  • Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment
    Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment

    Suitable for flowers drying, nuts sterilization and ripening, seasonings sterilizing,etc. 30%-50% electricity saving.

  • Food & Vegetable Water-cooling Equipment
    Food & Vegetable Water-cooling Equipment

    Amisy food & vegetable rinsing machine is designed to water-cool and rinse the food and vegetables after blanching.It mainly used in the production line, the size can be customized.

  • Pueraria Slicing Machine
    Pueraria Slicing Machine

    1. The cut out slices are of uniform thickness, smooth surface and no broken. 2.The thickness of the slices can be adjusted as you want.

  • Bean Sprout machine
    Bean Sprout machine

    Amisy bean sprout machine can produce large capacity bean sprouts in a short time automatically,it is ideal equipment for sprouting kinds of beans and seeds.

  • Pomegranate Peeling Machine
    Pomegranate Peeling Machine

    Our pomegranate peeling machine is widely used for many kinds of fruits peeling and crushing process for drinks pre-treatment.

  • Full-automatic Onion Peeling Machine
    Full-automatic Onion Peeling Machine

    Automatic peeling work, high peeling rate, no damaging, good peeling effect, the full-automatic onion peeling machine can be used for onions of all sizes, and has no requirements on the moisture, tightness and thickness of the onion skin.

  • Onion Root Cutting Machine
    Onion Root Cutting Machine

    This onion root cutting machine can be used as a single machine for onion processing, also can be used with onion peeling machine as a combine onion processing line with high capacity.