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Chilli Cutting Machine
Model: AUS-400
Capacity: 200-400Kg/h
Power source: 0.55Kw/380V
Dimensions 900*550*800mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Chilli Cutting Machine Introduction
The chilli cutting machine is used to cut all kinds of fresh pepper and dry pepper, it can cut chilli into segments, shreds and circles; chilli head and chilli stem are also cut at the same time. The size of the chilli cutting can be adjusted by the customers. It is the most professional equipment for processing chilli in China.
Chilli Cutting Machine Features
1. Convenient and efficient, one or two people can operate it.
2. The cut chilli is smooth and even without any damage to the fiber of the chilli.
3. Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high production efficiency.
4. Simple to clean and maintain, low malfunction rate.
5. It can cut the pepper into section, shred and circle, can also remove the pepper head and stem.
6. The size of the chilli cutting can be adjusted as you want.
Chilli Cutting Machine Application
1. It can be used to cut various fresh chilli and dry chilli.
2. It is widely used in kitchen, restaurant, school, hotel, army and other vegetable process factory.
3. For the vegetable processing factory, it is a nesessary machine for chilli dehydrating, freezing, curing, etc further chili processing.
Eating Chilli Healthily
Chilli is one of most important condiment in our life, adding it to the food can make the food more delicious. Eating chilli healthily is also very necessary.
1. You'd better cook the pepper first and then eat, reducing the stimulus to intestines and stomach
2. Eat with other cool and refreshing food to reach the purpose of relieving inflammation or internal heat
3. In the dry season, please eat less chilli.
Chilli Cutting Machine Direction of Use
1. The machine should be placed on the level work site.
2. Before operating, the switch, the power line, and the working chamber should be checked
3. When working, don’t put foreign matters into the chilli to avoid damage to the machine; don’t put hands into the working chamber to ensure safety.
4. After working, clean the machine in time to keep the machine a good performance.

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