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Corn Cutting Machine (for Threshing)
Model: 6YTJ-08QL
Capacity: 800kg/h
Power source: 1.5kw
Dimensions 1250*800*1550mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

get corn grains by corn cutting machine for threshing

corn threshing by fresh corn threshing machine

fresh sweet corn threshing by corn thresher machine

corn threshing by corn thresher machine

Corn Cutting Machine Introduction
This new type of the corn cutting machine has been upgraded according to the advanced corn cutting machine technology. The corn grain can be cutting from the central stem easily; the blade is always close to the corn kernel base, ensuring the quality and integrity of the corn kernels. And it is one of the ideal fresh sweet corn threshing equipments nowadays.
Corn Cutting Machine Application
The corn grains can be made into different kinds of sweet corn food, such as the sweet corn tin or paste, quick-frozen sweet corn, sweet corn health-protection beverage and so on. The sweet corn threshing machine is suitable for grand hotel, individual households, sweet corn processing factory with mass production, sweet corn kernels canned line, family workshop processing and sweet corn in the early period of the deep processing.
Corn Cutting Machine Features
1. The corn cutting machine has the functions of controlled interval conveying, cutter self-control, corn grain and the corn cob can be separate automatically.
2. The cutting rate is up to 99%.
3. The corn granule remains integrity, no nutrition leakage.
4. Compact structure, reasonable design, convenient and safe operation.
Corn Cutting Machine Operation and Maintenance
1. The machine should be placed on the stable surface when working
2. Before operation, make sure there is no stick in the feeding hole
3. During operation, do not put hands into the machine
4. After operation, cut off the power and clean the equipment
5. When cleaning the machine, be careful of the sharp blade; and blades after cleaned should be dried by dry cloth
6. When the blade comes blunt, it should be polished
7. The driving parts should be lubricated every 4 months

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Product Name: Corn Cutting Machine (for Threshing)
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