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Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine
Model: AMSDQS-800A
Capacity: 400-1000kg/h
Power source: 1.1kw/220v
Dimensions 1745*580*1030mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

directional vegetable cutting machine for vegetable shreds

directional vegetable cutting machine for vegetable slices

directional vegetable cutting machine for vegetable strips

directional vegetable cutting machine for meat cubes

Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Introduction
Directional vegetable cutting machine is designed by simulating hand-chopping principle with extra forced orientation device; it is the special multifunctional equipment for some vegetables (especially round vegatables), fried food which need directional cutting, as well as a certain hard paste to slices, dices, shreds, curves. It can cut vegetable exactly and perfectly.
Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Features
1. This machine adopts the intermittent inorganic adjusting mechanism, eccentric vibration mechanism and reciprocating movement mechanism and other advanced technology.
2. With three level variables, it can meet the requirements of 1-30mm cutting.
3. If you cut potato, sweet potato, pumpkin into cubes, blocks and rectangular shape.
4. High efficiency, easy to maintain.
5. Applied with our strip cutting machine leads better cutting quality.
Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Highlights
1. Reasonable design, superior performance
2. Simple operation, strong adaptability
3. Suitable for various kinds of vegetables and other food which need directional cutting
4. The cut vegetables have smooth and regular surface
5. Organization in good condition, keep manual cutting effect.
Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Application
1. It is more suitable for cut these products into slices, shreds, blocks and other shapes, such as potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, shallot, cooked meat, fried food, etc.
2. It is widely used in restaurant, vegetable processing plant, refectory and other food processing industry.
Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Usage Precautions
1. Please wash the vegetables when use the directional vegetable cutting machine, in order to avoid vegetables mixed with foreign matters, damaging the tool parts.
2. Please keep the gap between chip knife blade and dial trays 0.5-1mm, or it will affect the chopping quality.
Directional Vegetable Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Model Power voltage Weight Output Dimension
AMSDQS-800A 1.1Kw 220V 180Kg 400-1000Kg/h


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