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Dish Washing Machine
Model: XW--03
Capacity: 1080 plates/h
Power source: 13kw
Dimensions 745*880*1480mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

The profitable market of dishwasher
Everyone likes delicious food, but washing up dishes can be a very daunting job for each householder and the dishwasher. It will cost us a lot of time to clean, scrub the greasy and dirty dishes, which will also waste a large amount of water. With the development of the social economy, people pay much attention to the work efficiency and the concept of time. Businessmen have to be faster than their competitors if they want to earn more in the same time. And housewives are also willing to have a good rest and enjoy other interesting entertainments instead of spending ours washing dishes in the kitchen. So, the dishwasher is the product of the social development, and it will become more and more popular in the future.
Dishwasher Applications
Amisy dishwasher/dish washing machine can be largely applied in the households, restaurants, hotels and some other catering industries. The dishwasher can thoroughly clean, dry and disinfect the dishes. The dishes washed by Amisy washing machine look both clean and new, which will bring your customers and family a healthy and clean dining environment.
Dishwasher Advantages
1. Strong spray of pressure, higher spray temperature
2  Perfectly clean and dry
3. Faster cleaning and faster dying
4. Intuitive and easy operation
5. Exemplary low water and electricity consumption
6.  More flexible loading and space
7. Secure holding of dishes

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Product Name: Dish Washing Machine