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Egg Grading Machine
Model: AMSFM0534-1
Capacity: 5400-6000pcs/h
Power source: 0.5KW
Dimensions 1800*1600*1100 mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Why People Need Egg Grading Machine?
With the development of society, market segmentation is the trend, so does the egg market. The egg grading machine makes the eggs look more classy and beautiful compared with the eggs with different weights and sizes, which will surely be accepted and favored by the customers.
Egg Grading Machine Functions
Our egg grading machine can accurately grade your hen eggs, duck eggs, and many other eggs. Fast grading speed, accurate grading levels and absolute egg safe guarantee make our egg grading machine popular among our customers throughout the world.
Egg Grading Machine Features
1. Extremely accurate grading.
2. Stainless steel, corrosion resisting.
3. Small, flexible and space saving.
4. Special design, durable spare parts.
5. Easy to operate and maintain.
How Can You Tell Whether The Eggs Are Fresh or not?
Eggs are delicious and nutritious, but a spoiled egg can be smelly and disgusting, which could ruin the other eggs if mixed into them unexpectedly. Then, how can you tell the freshness of the egg? Well, fist, fill a bowl with cold water, and put the egg into it. If the egg floats in the water, it should be discarded. If the egg stands on one end, it is old but still can be eaten. If the egg lies on one side on the bottom of the bowl, it is pretty fresh. Good luck!


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Product Name: Egg Grading Machine