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Automatic Electric/Gas Frying Machine
Model: AMS-F200/400/500/600/800
Capacity: 200-700 kg/h
Power source: Electricity/gas
Dimensions Refer to the detailed parameter list
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Automatic Electric/Gas Frying Machine Introduction
The automatic electric/gas frying machine is widely used for processing peanut,soybean and other nuts as well as puffed food, flour product, meat ,aquatic products, etc. The process of feeding and discharging is full automatic. This automatic frying machine is specially designed for frying small size material like all kinds of peanuts, seeds ,etc.
Automatic Electric/Gas Frying Machine Characters
1. Wide application: this full automatic frying machine can be used to fry various nuts like peanut, soybean as well as flour products.
2. Adopt PLC control system, you can set the frying time and deoiling time, very convenient.
3. Square and round shapes of frying basket for your choice.
4. Two heating methods: electricity or gas.
How To Maintain The Full Automatic Frying Machine
Fryer maintenance involves regular cleaning and inspection of both the machine and the oil. The fryer itself has to be properly cared. Also, the oil needs to be filtered and changed regularly to the ensure the fried fried food favor and colour.
Full Automatic Frying Machine Specification

Model Output Temperature Range Dimension
AMS-F200 200-250 kg/h 40-300℃ 1400*1100*900mm
AMS-F400 350-400 kg/h 40-300℃ 1600*1450*1400mm
AMS-F500 450-500 kg/h 40-300℃ 1800*1660*1700mm
AMS-A600 500-600kg/h 40-300℃ 2000*2000*1700mm
AMS-A800 600-700kg/h 40-300℃ 2150*2150*3000mm


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Product Name: Automatic Electric/Gas Frying Machine
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