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Microwave Fruit Drying Machine
Model: AMS-FP40
Power source: 380v
Dimensions 20000x2000x2700mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Microwave Fruit Drying Machine Introduction
This machine is working by the microwave to dehydrate the fruit. The processed fruits can keep the nutrition and freshness longer, the flavor and overall size are both changed in the meanwhile.
Microwave Fruit Drying Machine Features
1. This fruit dryer is made of stainless steel with the standard of food security.
2. Processing the fruit by microwave can achieve drying and sterilizing simultaneously, thus improving the quality of the products, and making the fruits safe and sanitary to eat.
3. The microwave fruit drying machine is extremely efficient and energy-saving.
4. The PLC touch screen controlling system and the human-computer interface makes the fruit dryer easy to operate and labour-saving.

The Compare between Microwave Drying and Traditional Drying
1. Selective heating ensures even heating and even drying.
2. Energy-saving and high efficiency: microwave has effect on the materials directly without heat loss
3. Easy operation and advanced technology: micro power and transmission rate are both adjustable
4. Safe and eco-friendly: in the heating-drying procedure, there is no waste water and waste gas

Sweet Tips: How to Freeze Dried Fruit
1. Properly stored and frozen, dried fruit will keep well in your freezer for up to 12 months.
2. Remove dried fruit from its original packaging. If you dried the fruit yourself, make sure that it is completely cooled before you freeze it.
3. Separate the fruit into individual serving sizes and place each serving in a freezer bag. Be careful to squeeze out as much air as possible when sealing the bags. Label and date each bag.
4. Place the bags in a vapor-proof, moisture-proof freezer container.
5. Store the container in your freezer at no higher than 0 degrees F.

drying the hawthorn by microwave fruit drying machine

get dried fruit by microwave fruit drying machine

make dried nuts by microwave fruit drying machine

microwave fruit drying machine

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