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Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment
Model: BDMD-F-P-100
Capacity: differs from materials to be processed
Power source: 100 kw
Dimensions 16×1.1×1.8 m
Guarantee: one year
Delivery time: 45 days

Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment Introduction
Microwave sterilization technology, as one of the ten freshening technologies, is an effective sterilization method which can ensure the safety of products. The technology of microwave sterilization is widely applied in the area of food industry for its rapid temperature elevation, high efficiency, safety, and nutrition preservation. Our microwave food sterilization machine has enjoyed great popularity in wide food processing industry. Microwave sterilizing machine is most suitable machine for semi-liquid, powder and granular products.
Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment Features
1. The short processing time results in more fresh-like taste and texture food, and improves visual appeal of the food.
2. The reduction of processing time may also potentially increase retention of nutrients in the thermally processed foods.
3. Energy saving. Conventional sterilizing machine has defects in design which lead heat lose in sterilizing process. While microwave sterilization machine make the thermal directly conducted to the food, no heat lose. 30%-50% electricity saving.
4. Easy operation. You can turn on/off the machine at any time, because the microwave sterilizing machine has no thermal inertia which ensures a high working flexibility. The conveying speed is adjustable.
5. Low noise and little land occupancy. 2-3 worked are enough to operate the whole equipment.
Why Need Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment
Many heat sensitive products made by conventional thermal treatments often result in considerable changes in the quality of the food and make these products unacceptable for consumption. The shorter time and more uniform volumetric heating of microwave processing offers major advantages over conventional steam retorting in producing a wide range of high quality shelf-stable food products: liquid, semi-solid and solid.
Microwave Sterilization/Ripening Equipment Application
Microwave sterilizing machine is wide used for processing powder material, granular material, chemical products, grains, nut sterilizing and cooking.
1. Specialized in further drying and sterilizing for dehydrated vegetables.
2. Various species and seasonings drying and sterilization.
3. Suitable for beef, pork, fish and chicken meat drying and sterilizing.
4. Drying various flowers such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rose, peony, etc.
5. Ideal drying machine for nuts including hazelnut, chestnut, pistachio and so on.
6. Drying and sterilization for pills, capsules, tablets.
Microwave Sterilizing Machine Technical Data

Model Frequency (MHz) Voltage Power(kw) Dimension
BDMD-F-P-100 2450±50 380V/50 Hz 100(adjustable) 16×1.1×1.8 m


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