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Microwave Vegetable Dehydrator
Model: AMS-FP12,120
Power source: 380v
Dimensions 80000x1100x1800mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Microwave Vegetable Dehydrator Introduction
The microwave vegetable drying machine is a set of specialized equipment that is used to dehydrate fresh or seasonal vegetables by mirowave. This vegetable drying machine can be used to process many kinds of vegetables like carrots, cabbage, etc.
Microwave Vegetable Dehydrator Features
1. This vegetable dehydrator is made of stainless steel with the standard of food security.
2. Dealing with the fruit by microwave can achieves drying and sterilizing simultaneously, which improves the quality of the products and makes it safe to eat and eco-friendly.
3. This Microwave vegetable dehydrator is extremely efficient and energy-saving.
4. The PLC touch screen controlling system and the human-computer interface improves its working condition.
5. Large capacity, high efficiency and reliable performance.

Microwave Vegetable Dehydrator Application
1. The microwave technology has an expansive prospect to dry the food, for the moisture of the food usually varies form 30% to 97%。
2. Food suitable for dehydration:
---Bananas and Apples
Bananas and apples are perfect for microwave dehydrating because they are both full of fiber, which means when being dehydrated, the moisture is totally removed from them.
---Beef and Game
Just choose the kind of meat that you like, pound it out to thin strips, dehydrate the meat thoroughly and season it with some pepper and spices, then you will have your own personal brand of beef jerky.
---Seasonal Vegetables
Low-moisture vegetables like carrots and peas can be dehydrated. This is a great way to save your backyard garden harvest in a particularly bountiful year.
---Herbs and Spices
While fresh herbs are best, you can use your microwave dehydrator to make bottles of your own dried herbs to save you a trip to the grocery store when your herb plants are not producing.
Cube the bread and pop it into the dehydrator with some garlic and parsley. The dehydrator will remove all of the moisture from the bread, leaving you with delicious croutons to sprinkle over your salad.

use microwave vegetable dehydrator to dry vegetables

make jerky by microwave drying machine

dry the apple slice by microwave vegetable dehydrator

get dried herbs by microwave dehydrating machine

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