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Peanut Grading Machine
Model: HSFJ-01
Capacity: 1500-2000kg/h
Power source: 220V/380V/2.2Kw
Dimensions 4000*1260*1750 mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Peanut Grading Machine Introduction
As we know, the peanut has different sizes, so the raw peanut grading machine is used to grade and sort the raw peanut in shell by size and it can grade the peanut into 2-4 sizes. This is a kind of extremely advanced peanut processing equipment making the peanut separated from different discharging mouth.
Peanut Grader Machine Features
1. Stable working performance.
2. Large capacity, high efficiency and grading exactness.
3. Low damage rate.
4. With the rotary-drum sieving & sorting, the peanut in the drum is pushed forward by the screw vane, and sorted by sieve screens of different sizes.
5. It is proper for the large-scale peanut planting farm and the peanut processing plant.

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Product Name: Peanut Grading Machine