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Rice Washing Machine
Model: AMS-RW-500
Capacity: 500KG/H
Power source: 1.5KW
Dimensions 1100*1000*820mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Rice Washing Machine Introduction
Automatic rice washing machine is a new developed product according to the food processing health requirements and market demand. It is made of stainless steel which is ideal equipment for cleaning rice and other granule products such as wheat, mung beans etc, widely used in the food processing plant and so on.
Vegetables Seed Washing Machine Characteristic and Application
1. Design scientific and reasonable, precise structure, with high efficiency and low energy consumption
2. It is made of high stainless steel, ensure long-term work, no-toxic and harmless, meet the food hygiene requirements
3. Convenient operation, low water consumption and labor-saving
4. During the washing process, rice and stone, clay, chaff, rice worm and other debris can simultaneously and respectively from different export high-speed exclusion
5. It has a wide range usage in food washing, not only for cleaning rice, but also for bean, sesame, buckwheat, millet, vegetable seed, gingili, etc
6. Ideal choice for food processing industries like canteens, restaurants and hotel.
Rice Cleaning Machine Structure Features and Working Principle
1. Structure features
Rice cleaning machine is composed of main frame, sand separator, float separator, rice bucket, connect water device and pipeline combination structures.
2. How to clean rice with rice washer?
First, you should connect the water, start the power and adjust the row stone pressure, then put the rice into the rice container, when the rice pass through the separator combination, under different water pressure, stones, mud and other hard debris ejected from the sand separator, chaff, worm and other impurities ejected from the float separator, at last, the cleaned rice pass through the rice tube into the rice basket, rice washing work completed.
How to Maintain Rice Washing Machine?
All maintenance and repair work must be carried out under the condition of power off.
1. After each time use, please clean the rice washing machine carefully to ensure that the pipeline without accumulated rice and water, sanitation and hygiene. It is strictly prohibited to use water pipe to flush water pump.
2. Please inspect the pipe clamp every month, and timely preparation of tight, in order to avoid affect work efficiency
3. In the work process, if the sound of the machine is abnormal, please stop to check immediately, for troubleshooting rear can continue to work.
Rice Washing Machine Technical Data

Model Capacity Power Voltage Working pressure Water consumption Stoner remove rate Weight Dimension
AMS-RW-500 500KG/H 1.5KW 380V/50HZ 0.23-0.28MPa 0.0065CBM/KG >95% 88KG 1100*1000*820mm


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