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Nut Roasting Machine
Model: HB-01
Capacity: 200Kg/h
Power source: 18Kw
Dimensions 2500*1300*1600mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Nut Roasting Machine Introduction
This kind of roasting machine baking machine is ideal equipment for roasting various kinds of nuts like peanut,walnuts,chestnuts,etc as well as drying fruits. Highlights of this roasting machine is even heating and high efficiency. The roasted nuts has good flavor and appearance.
Nut Roasting Machine Structure
The roasting machine is composed of transmission device, electric control panel, electric heating tube, roller box, and rotary drum, ideal roasting equipment for commercial household use.
Nut Roasting Machine Applications
The roasting machine is widely used in drying and roasting all kinds of nuts, dry fruits, seeds, and beans, such as the peanuts, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, coffee, beans, chestnuts, hazels, pine nuts, almond etc with wonderful color and crispy taste.
Nut Roasting Machine Features
1. Adopt stainless steel material.
2. Equipped with the digital display equipment to set the working time and adjust the temperature.
3. Install a rotary drum to ensure the uniform heat, avoiding burning the food.
4. Fault indicating system to inform you any wrong operations.
5. Driven by electricity or gas.
6. Lower energy consumption and environment friendly
Nut Roasting Machine Parameters

Model Voltage    Power Capacity Weight Dimensions
HB-01 220/380V 18Kw 200Kg/h 800Kg 2500*1300*1600mm


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Product Name: Nut Roasting Machine