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Steamed Cabinet
Model: Ams-03/Ams-05
Power source: 50 KW/25 KW
Dimensions 1350*800*1750 /600*600*1550 mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Why People Like Steamed Food?
Steamed seafood are nutritional staples of a healthy diet. Steamed food maintains more of its nutritional value and nutrients than food that is baked or boiled. With the improvement of people’s healthy diet concept, steamed food is becoming more and more popular.
Amisy Multifunctional Steamed Cabinet Applications
The multifunctional steamed cabinet is widely used to steam rice, fish, dessert, sea food Besides, the steamed cabinet is able to disinfect the tableware. The wide range capacity, reliable performance and good after-sales service make the food steaming machine popular throughout the world.
Amisy Multifunctional Steamed Cabinet Features
1. Can be used to steam rice, desserts, vegetables, fish, vegetables and seafood etc.
2. Sanitary and healthy. The steamed cabinet can be used for tableware disinfection.
3. High efficiency. Saving time and energy. The steamed oven can generate a large amount of steam in 6 minutes.
4. The energy saving rate is up to 60%.
5. Wholly made of stainless steel.
Amisy Multifunctional Steamed Cabinet Parameters

Model Heating power Voltage Weight Overall size Gas pressure Gas consumption Gas type
Ams-03 50 KW 220v/50HZ 145 KG 1350*800*1750 MM 2800 pa 3.6 KG /h LPG
Ams-05 25 KW 3 V battery 85 KG 600*600*1550 MM 2800 pa 1.8 KG /h LPG


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