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Vegetable Mud Cutting Machine
Model: AUSCN300/AUSCN500
Capacity: 300-500kg/h
Power source: 2.2kw/4kw
Dimensions 780*410*1030mm/860*510*1280mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Vegetable Mud Cutting Machine Introduction
The vegetable mud cutting machine is a special equipment which is applied to cut various vegetables and fruits into mud or puree. Easy to operate and high output; the thickness of the vegetable puree can be adjusted as you want; it is the ideal equipment for vegetables and fruits deep processing.

Vegetable Mud Cutting Machine Features
1. This machine is fully made of stainless steel, complying with food safety standard
2. Easy operation, high capacity and efficiency
3. The thickness of the vegetable mud can be adjusted according to the customer requests
4. Suitable for cutting any vegetables and fruits into thin-slimy slurry
5. It is an ideal equipment for vegetable and fruit processing industry

Vegetable Mud Cutting Machine Working Principle
This vegetable mud cutting machine employs high rotation speed, multi cutting tools to process any vegetables and fruits into smooth mud or paste.

Vegetable Mud Cutting Machine Technical Parameters

Model Power Voltage Weight Output Dimension
AUSCN300 2.2kw 380v 60kg 300kg/h 780*410*1030mm
AUSCN500 4kw 380v 130kg  500kg/h   860*510*1280mm



Ginger Mud Cutting Machine Video

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