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Vegetable Dicing Machine
Model: QD-02
Capacity: 1000Kg/h
Power source: 380V/0.75Kw
Dimensions 560*600*1300mm
Guarantee: 1 year gurantee
Delivery time: 5-10 days

Vegetable Dicing Machine Introduction
The vegetable dicing machine is specialized in cutting vegetable and fruit into dices and strips.The dicing machine has a variety of multi-sized slicing and dicing plates changed for different functions. The diced size ranges within 4/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 10/ 12/ 15mm.
The machine also has knife attachments
1. Slicing knife used for slicing.
2. Crosscut knife used for cutting vegetables and fruits into strips.
3. Circular knives are used for dicing.
Vegetable Dicing Machine Application
1. Vegetable dicing machine is widely used in canning food industry, frozen food industry, dry fruit industry, kitchen and restaurant,etc.
2. This vegetable dicing machine is used to cut vegetable and fruit into dice or strip and the vegetable and fruit can be turnip, carrot, potato, sweet potato; apple, pear mango and pineapple etc.
Vegetable Dicing Machine Advantages
1. Vegetable dicing frame is made of stainless steel of corrosion resistance .
2. Fast dicing speed equals to 25 people labor work.
3. There's a jiggle switch at the material feeding entrance to assure safety.
4. Simple design and reasonable structure.
5. Uniform dices and slices. 
6. Easy to operate, maintain and clean.
Vegetable Dicing Machine Using Cautions:
1. Before operating, please read the direction of use carefully.
2. Don’t clean the main engine with water directly to avoid electricity leak.
3. The power should be shut off when cleaning the machine
4. Keep the machine in a dry place with good ventilation to ensure the machine has good performance without being affected by damp.

vegetable dicing machine

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